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Does Pineapple juice work for cough relief?

Jan 15, 2021

Many of us are pineapple lovers and love its sweet and tart taste, but can we use pineapple juice for cough remedies? The fruit is rich in vitamin C and manganese that is anti-inflammatory, and can dissolve the mucus. Can it be a natural remedy, as many people claim, and are there any evidence about […]

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Why am I having chest pain during pregnancy?

Dec 30, 2020

Pregnancy is not easy for most women; frequent trips to the washroom, food cravings, stomach aches, sleepless nights, and much more. Besides this, all is normal; what if you start experiencing chest pain during pregnancy? Is it ok or some issue to have concerns? However, cases can vary; many pregnant women have it, and it […]

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Are you having a cough that won’t go away?

Dec 15, 2020

Do you have sleepless nights due to the persistent cough that wakes you up? The condition is a result of some illness that is irritating the lungs. Therefore, coughing clears the mucous, making a pathway for breathing more comfortable. Usually, it clears out in a week or so, but what about the cough that won’t […]

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3 main reasons for chest and upper back pain

Nov 30, 2020

People often complain of having chest and back pain, and it is a frightening experience. The first thought that comes into our mind is that of a heart problem; however, it is not always the case. There are many reasons for this pain, yet one should not relax and take it easy. Our back comprises […]

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What Is An IV Iron Infusion Procedure?

Nov 15, 2020

Many people tend to ask, “what is an IV iron infusion procedure.” If you do ask this question, you are not alone. Iron-deficiency affects many people in the U.S., so it’s essential to understand what it is and what an iron infusion can do to help. What Exactly Is Iron Deficiency Anemia? When you have […]

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Is It Healthy To Get The Flu Shots? What Are The Pros And Cons?

Oct 15, 2020

Whenever cold weather comes, the influenza virus affects masses around the country. It is a highly contagious virus that results in thousands of hospitalizations each year. One way to alleviate the numbers and effects of flu is by getting the influenza vaccine. Vaccination is essential for people who are severely affected by the flu. Flu […]

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Bronchiectasis vs. Bronchitis, What’s The Difference?

Sep 30, 2020

Many people tend to wonder about the difference between bronchiectasis vs. bronchitis. Today, we will learn important things about both conditions to better understand what you might have. Furthermore, make sure you consult with professional doctors, like those at Everest Primary and Urgent Care, to ensure you have the most up-to-date information. What exactly is […]

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Difference Between A Sign And A Symptom

Sep 15, 2020

Many people wonder about the difference between a sign and a symptom. For various medical conditions, “Signs and Symptoms” may have been something that caught your eye. At that point, a thing that came to mind may have been, “why exactly do we need to say signs and symptoms,” and, “I thought they were the […]

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Why Is Pediatrics Important For My Child? Everest Primary Care

Aug 30, 2020

Many people tend to wonder why pediatrics is important for their little ones. To start, having your child go through pediatric care can help identify and treat many severe conditions. Examples include chronic severe medical conditions, infectious diseases, and congenital diseases. It is essential to diagnose these illnesses as they tend to occur during childhood. […]

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Finding the Right Menopause Support

Aug 15, 2020

All women go through it eventually. So why does menopause feel so isolating? Lots of women find this topic difficult to discuss, even after decades of dealing with hormones. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Opening up with the people close to you will help you feel less alone during this new phase […]

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