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Bronchiectasis vs. Bronchitis, What’s The Difference?

Many people tend to wonder about the difference between bronchiectasis vs. bronchitis. Today, we will learn important things about both conditions to better understand what you might have. Furthermore, make sure you consult with professional doctors, like those at Everest Primary and Urgent Care, to ensure you have the most up-to-date information.

What exactly is the difference between bronchiectasis and bronchitis?

Bronchiectasis is a condition in which your bronchi widen and get damaged due to an infection. On the other hand, bronchitis is an inflammatory disorder of your bronchial tubes and trachea.

In addition, bronchitis doesn’t lead to a permanent change in the shape or even structure of your bronchi. However, bronchiectasis can lead to a permanent change in the form or arrangement of your bronchi.

What exactly is bronchitis?


Bronchitis is an illness in which your breathing tubes, bronchi, and trachea are in a state of inflammation.


There are many symptoms of bronchitis, such as:

  • Coughing
  • Pain in the chest
  • Tightness and dyspnea in the chest
  • Congestion in your breathing passages


Your physician will diagnose for bronchitis by taking a physical exam and noting the symptoms. In addition, your doctor may also perform a chest x-ray to help rule out any other causes for your chest issues. It is important to realize that there are a considerable amount of viruses that can cause bronchitis. For that reason, it is necessary to ensure you visit an expert doctor, like those at Everest Primary and Urgent Care, to ensure you get diagnosed and cured as soon as possible.


Usually, pain killers and bronchodilator medications are used to help with the congestion. However, your physician will guide you on the best ways to treat your bronchitis, which is why it is necessary to visit one if you suffer from any of the symptoms listed above.

What exactly is bronchiectasis?


Bronchiectasis is an illness in which your larger sized bronchial tubes, in the lungs, become a lot wider and are eventually damaged.


A few symptoms of bronchiectasis include:

  • A cough that stays persistent
  • A cough with pus-filled sputum
  • Difficulty with breathing
  • An unusually high fever


Your physician will do a physical exam, alongside multiple CT scans, to help diagnose whether you have bronchiectasis. In many cases, the cause of bronchiectasis is pneumonia; however, there are other causes. With this in mind, you should head over to a professional physician if you experience any of the symptoms listed above.


Your doctor may have you take antibiotics and bronchodilators to help clear your airways. Of course, you may use another type of treatment, depending on what your doctor feels is best for you.

Do you need help with bronchitis or bronchiectasis?

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