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Does Pineapple juice work for cough relief?

Many of us are pineapple lovers and love its sweet and tart taste, but can we use pineapple juice for cough remedies? The fruit is rich in vitamin C and manganese that is anti-inflammatory, and can dissolve the mucus. Can it be a natural remedy, as many people claim, and are there any evidence about its treatment? The cough is a common problem, and people often catch it, especially during the winters and dry weather. Hence it is better to try natural remedies first before taking over the counter medicines. Pineapple juice won’t harm even if it doesn’t cure you completely, for the further suggestion, it is better to talk to your practitioner on what suits you the best.

Pineapple juice for cough

Naturally, pineapple has many benefits; its high levels of vitamin C help reduce cough symptoms. However, there is not much scientific evidence about it. Moreover, it has the enzyme bromelain that reduces pain and is anti-inflammatory. The enzyme is effective in reducing the symptoms of asthma and other respiratory problems like cough and cold. The enzyme also breaks down the mucus so that you can have relief in the throat. Hence, along with the ones discussed above, the following properties of pineapple make it useful in reducing cough symptoms;

  • The manganese prevents cell damage and aging
  • The fruit is rich in fiber that helps in digestion
  • It strengthens the immune system and improves eyesight
  • Pineapple also has properties to boost fertility

Pineapple is a nutritious fruit, and drinking its juice can aid in healing without causing any harm.

Other natural remedies for cough and cold

Other than pineapple juice, there are other home remedies for cough. We all like to have hot soups in winter; it not only tastes great but is an excellent remedy for cough and cold. Moreover, having warm fluids like ginger tea, hot water, lemon juice, and honey, drinking a sufficient amount of water can help soothe your throat and dissolve away the excess mucus. So if you are allergic to pineapple or don’t like its taste, try out the other natural recipes. Fruits and veggies are packed with lots of vitamins and nutrients and are useful in fighting the common cold; hence try to have them daily. These natural solutions boost your immune system and prepare the body to fight the cough and cold.

Items to avoid if you have a cough and cold

Cough makes the person uncomfortable, and he can’t concentrate on daily schedules. Hence, to get relief from it, try and avoid the following habits and diet for a few days;

  • Smoking will lead a cough to severity. It also irritates the throat and lungs.
  • Caffeine is dehydrating, so avoid drinks that contain it, like coffee.
  • Besides these, avoid dairy products and fried foods as they disturb the throat and increase mucus production.

Despite all these solutions, including Pineapple juice for cough, if coughing persists or is worsening, it is better to talk to the doctor. Persistent coughing is not suitable for health and affects your throat and lungs. To contact Everest Primary and Urgent Care, call us today at 832-286-4286 to schedule your appointment.