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Here Are A Few Things You Should Know About Fall Allergies

Fall is a difficult time of the year, and having allergic symptoms does not make it any easier. If you have fall allergies, you need to take special care of yourself. Don’t let a scratchy throat and a runny nose ruin your day.

Fall allergies are usually caused due to mold and ragweed pollen. Ragweed may cause hay fever. To prevent hay fever, visit a doctor to get an allergy shot or a few medications.

The warm weather makes things even more complicated. High humidity causes mold spores to release. Furthermore, the warm weather works as a catalyst for hay fever. If you have seasonal allergies; this may be the right time to visit an allergist and get a few medications for the season.

One of the worst parts of autumn is raking leaves; it just gets on your nerves, and it is a nightmare for someone who has fall allergies or asthma. Raking leaves causes pollen and mold to flow into the air, which can cause allergic reactions. If you have allergies and need to do some gardening or rake your leaves; cover your face so that the pollen and mold do not contact your face. For those who have seasonal allergies; we recommend that you restrain from gardening or raking leaves, as the pollen and mold can still come in contact with your skin.

Children with seasonal allergies need to take care of themselves at school. Inhaling chalk dust, for example, may cause a severe allergic reaction. Similarly, any child who has asthma should take care while exercising. It is the responsibility of the parent to inform the teacher so that they can keep a close eye on the child.

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