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Is a headache a symptom of COVID-19

Headache is a common problem many of us suffer. There are several reasons for it, including stress, anxiety, illness, excursion, etc. So, is a headache a symptom of COVID? Well, yes, it can be; however, the headache doesn’t confirm it. COVID-19 pandemic has symptoms similar to flu, and if you feel any doubt, it is better to get tested as soon as possible. Moreover, the disease is contagious, and you must connect with the health practitioner and quarantine yourself before the results are out. Read the article to know more about this disease that has affected the whole globe.

COVID symptoms

COVID has no one symptom; it varies with people. Many people cure, but many have died too. Many studies are carried out to study this virus; though, common symptoms include these.

  • Fever or chills
  • Difficulty in breathing, cough, or shortness of breath, running nose at times
  • Tiredness and fatigue
  • Pain in the muscles and body
  • Headache with varying intensities
  • Loss of smell, taste, or even smell
  • Diarrhea
  • A feeling of nausea or vomiting

These all symptoms are common, but to confirm, get your test conducted and follow the health practitioner’s guidelines. There is a chance that you might have some other health problem like cold or flu. Don’t make any assumptions or take any chances as COVID is lethal, and if you ignore it, it can cause death.

What to do in COVID-19

If you test positive or have symptoms, the first step is strictly isolating yourself from others. Try to stay calm and don’t panic; remember, you will fight the virus if you have the strength. Call the Clinic and follow guidelines. There is a possibility that you will have to stay at places assigned for quarantine to prevent the spread of this disease to your loved ones. Wear a mask and gloves and maintain physical distance from others so that it doesn’t spread, especially if you visit any public place for testing or any essential task.

Is a headache a symptom of COVID?

If you suffer from a headache along with other symptoms, it can be a sign of COVID. On the other hand, if the headache goes away in some time and doesn’t return, the chances are rare. Likewise, diarrhoea can result from eating something not acceptable by your tummy and not COVID always. COVID is a new disease, and many researchers are still working on it. However, looking at the present conditions, it is better to follow the SOPs to prevent the virus’s spread and save the human race.

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