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Unrefreshing Sleep? 5 Tips For Getting Quality Rest

Sleep is one of the most important things you can do for your health. But of course, getting good sleep can be easier said than done. If you wake up feeling drowsy, then you might not be getting high-quality sleep. Luckily, you can beat unrefreshing sleep with some simple tips. Below, we will share 5 ways to get better sleep at night.

1- Stick to a Schedule

The sleep schedule is one of the easiest ways to combat unrefreshing sleep. A schedule helps your body produce the right hormones at the right time so you can sleep naturally. Try choosing a set bedtime- and also wake-up time- to feel your best.

2- Rethink Your Mattress

Your old mattress might seem comfy, but is it helping you get quality rest? It is recommended that people replace their mattresses every 7 to 10 years. Sleeping on an older mattress can lead to pain, fatigue, and also insomnia.

3- Cut Your Caffeine

Caffeine affects some people more than others. If you can’t sleep at night, there is a chance that your caffeine intake is to blame. Try not to drink any coffee, tea, or soda afternoon and see if your sleep improves.

4- Limit Blue Light Exposure

Blue light from technology is all around us. However, this light can affect our melatonin production. Try to avoid your phone and computer in an hour or so before bedtime. This simple shift can make a big difference.

5- Have The Right Daytime Routine

Try to get exercise every day and also limit your stress levels. While this is easier said than done, our daytime routines can have a massive impact on our sleep. Try yoga, meditation, or a daily walk to ease into a new routine.

Talking to a Doctor

If you try these tips and still struggle with unrefreshing sleep, then call a doctor. You might have a medical issue that is keeping you awake at night. The team at Everest Urgent Care can help you sort out your sleep issues and any other health concerns. Call today for more information!