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Serving the entire family in the Houston, Texas area, Everest Urgent
Care is home to a sleek and modern urgent care facility.

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Facility In Houston, Texas

At Everest Urgent Care, we’re all about making urgent care as easy and convenient as possible.

How Can Our Urgent
Care Facility Center Help You

Our urgent care facility center is designed to help you. Here’s how:

Our Facility Provides a Wide Range of Services

Our urgent care facility can treat various conditions, from minor injuries and illnesses to more severe conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure, and heart problems. We are also able to provide vaccinations and immunizations for children as well as adults.

We Are Located Close To You

Our center is conveniently located at TC Jester and Wallisville, Texas – making it easy for you to get here! Every day of the week, including Sunday nights and Wednesday mornings, our care professionals are accessible.

Experienced Medical Staffs

Our staff will recommend the best course of action for your condition, whether medication, surgery, or another therapy, so that you can get back on track as quickly as possible.

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Our Urgent Care Facilities In Houston, Texas

When you’re in pain and need to get back to your life, we are here for you. Check out our locations:

Everest Urgent Care In TC Jester, Tx

Serving the entire family in the Houston, Texas area, Everest Urgent Care is home to a sleek and modern urgent care facility. We also provide an online appointment system, so you may schedule a visit from home.

Everest Urgent Care In Wallisville, Tx

Our urgent care services cover the treatment of many conditions, such as the flu, cough, headaches, and chest pain. Come see us in Wallisville, Tx whenever your hectic schedule permits from Monday through Sunday, 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

We Offer Different Medical
Services In TC Jester And
Wallisville, Texas

Everest Urgent Care offers a wide range of medical services to help you feel better and return to your everyday life.

Abdominal Pain

If your stomach doesn't feel right, come to Everest Urgent Care in TC Jester or Wallisville, TX. Our staff will do tests to figure out what's wrong with your bowel, give you medicine if you need it, and get you back on track as soon as possible.

Bone Fracture

Accidents happen sometimes, especially around the holidays in TC Jester and Wallisville, Tx. But don't worry, we'll take care of you. Our trained medical staff will make sure you get the care you need in just a few minutes.

Flu Treatment

If you have the flu, you can get treatment at Everest Urgent Care in TC Jester and Wallisville, Texas. We can help you get the care you need quickly, so you can get back on your feet.

Headache Treatment

Come to Everest Urgent Care for headache treatment if you have migraines or headaches that happen often. We have many ways to help you feel better quickly.

Chest Pain

If you have chest pain that doesn't go away or seems to get worse, don't wait! Come see us at Everest Urgent Care for chest pain treatment! We offer digital x-rays, EKGs, and a number of other services to make sure your health is in good hands.


Come to Everest Urgent Care if you have a cough that won't go away and is making it hard for you to sleep or work during the day. Our doctors are board-certified, so we can give you the care you need right away.

Digital X-Ray

No matter how big or small an injury is, it needs to be taken care of right away, so it doesn't get worse. That's why our Urgent Care Centers offer digital x-ray services. Digital x-rays are more detailed than traditional film x-rays, so they can help us find and treat injuries faster.


With our EKG service, we can get an accurate picture of how your heart is working. We'll even make sure it's done right so the results are correct and reliable!

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Benefits Of Our Urgent
Care Services

We know you’re busy. That’s why we’ve made it easy for you to get the care you need when you need it.

Available 7 days a week

Our Urgent Care services are open 7 days awake, so whether it is a Sunday night or a Wednesday morning, our care providers are available 7 days a week.

Wide Services Available

We have a full range of medical services available. We can handle just about anything that comes through our doors—from minor cuts to severe injuries—so don’t worry about where else you should go! Just come see us at Wallisville, Tx, and TC Jester, Tx.

Highly Trained Professionals

Our doctors are highly trained professionals who know how to handle situations and give patients the care they need when they need it most.

Cost Of Our Urgent
Care Center
Services in Texas

We understand that you have a choice when finding a suitable urgent care facility for your needs, and we want you to feel confident in making the right decision for yourself and your family.

The cost of our urgent care center services will vary on the service you need. We know sometimes it can be challenging to know where to turn when facing an unexpected medical situation. However, we hope this overview will help you feel more confident about choosing us as your Urgent Care provider in Houston, TX.

Why Choose
Everest Medical
Group As Your
Urgent Care Provider
In Houston, Tx

The Good News Is That You Can Choose From Urgent Care Providers In Texas! When You Choose Us, You Get:

Expect Care From The Best

A Team Of Highly Trained Physicians And Nurses Dedicated To Providing The Best Care Possible For Your Family.

The Most Convenient Location

A Convenient Location In Texas, So You Can Come In When It's Convenient For You.

Advanced Facilities

A Clean, Well-Lit Facility That's Easy To Find And Understand—And Equipped With All The Latest Technology So We Can Provide Efficient Care.


A Culture Of Excellence Focused On Helping You Feel Comfortable With Your Healthcare Team Members, Whether They Are Doctors, Nurses, Or Other Staff Members Who Work There Regularly Or Just Once When Needed!

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