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If you clicked on this article, you may be wondering about what an infusion clinic is! Our modern era has allowed patients with severe illnesses to get treated through infusion therapy, whether it be intravenously(into your vein) or subcutaneously(under your skin). Today, we will look at what an infusion clinic is and how it can benefit you or a loved one!

Wait, What Exactly Is Infusion Therapy?

Good question! Infusion therapy is a way to treat patients with severe conditions in which they can not take oral medications or specific treatments. Infusion therapy gives an alternate way to treat a patient while ensuring the treatment is safe and efficient.

If you go through infusion therapy, you’ll take your medication through a sterile catheter that goes into your vein. This allows the drug to transport through your body intravenously. There are other methods of infusing medications, such as through epidurals in your spinal cord and even intramuscular injections.

So, what exactly is an infusion clinic?

An infusion clinic has the expertise to administer infusion therapy. In the past, only hospitals could administer infusion therapy. However, there has been a lot of stress on reducing healthcare costs. This has resulted in outpatient infusion clinics becoming very widespread.

The state board will license an infusion clinic. In addition, it will also follow strict regulations and standards set by the board of the state and the government.

What Can Infusion Therapy Even Treat?

Infusion therapy can treat a variety of things, such as:

-Crohn’s disease


-Rheumatoid Arthritis

-Various diseases/conditions that can be treated through injections.

Why should I go to an infusion clinic over a hospital?

If you enjoy specialized, one-on-one care, from clinics like Everest Primary and Urgent Care, then a hospital may be something you want to avoid. Clinics see a small number of patients every day, allowing them to make real connections with their patients. In addition, clinics can understand your needs much better than a hospital that sees hundreds of patients every day.

Do you need a clinic that can do infusion therapy?

Now that you know what an infusion clinic is, you may be wondering where you can go to get infusion therapy done. If you are looking for an infusion clinic, you have come to the right place! Everest Primary And Urgent Care has the tools and expertise to provide infusion therapy based on your needs. We are your local primary and urgent care in Houston, Texas, and we want to ensure you have a clinic that sincerely cares about your requirements. To learn more, call us today at 281-747-9700 . If you’d like, you can also visit our website at .

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