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What Is Lower Back Pain? Causes And Symptoms

Having lower back pain is not something to worry about; every person has lower back pain at some point of time in their life. Lower back pain is usually divided into two categories, acute pain, and chronic pain.

Acute pain may occur during sports or heavy weight lifting. It triggers suddenly and goes away in a few hours. Chronic pain, however, may remain for up to three days.

You should visit a doctor immediately if:

  • The pain remains for more than 72 hours.
  • You began having lower back pain directly after getting an injury or falling somewhere.
  • If you have both, lower back pain and fever.

Most of the time, lower back pain happens due to either muscle strain or sciatica. Your muscles may strain due to heavy lifting or perhaps due to some other vigorous activity that puts immense pressure on the muscles. Sciatica, on the other hand, occurs due to pressure on the sciatic nerve.

Lower back pain is a result of these activities in your life:

  • If your seating arrangement at your workplace is uncomfortable.
  • Too much workout
  • You do not have the correct posture when you stand.

Chronic pain may occur if the space around the spinal cord narrows down. Also known as spinal stenosis, this results in pressure on the spinal cord, causing immense pain and requires immediate medical attention.

Research has proven that an overweight person has a much higher chance of suffering from lower back pain than someone who is physically fit.

Lastly, the most popular reason for lower back pain is due to being sedentary or inactive for long periods of time.

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