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What Is Urgent Care?

Urgent Care support has been around for almost 15 years now, but it has only recently become a standard service available at medical centers.

Do You Know What an Urgent Care Service Is?

Urgent Care means when you can walk in to receive treatment without any appointments, but something that is not an emergency. If you need immediate medical attention, but it is not something serious, you need to go to an urgent care station.

What it means is that you are in and out in no time. Something that doesn’t affect your daily life patterns. In most cases, urgent care clinics are open 24/7.

The Staff At Urgent Care

Medical staff available at an urgent care station are experts in handling emergencies, primary care, general, or family medicine. Other staff available at Urgent Care are assistants, physicians, and nurses. The purpose is to make the process quick and lessen the wait time. At Everest Urgent Care or Everest Primary Care; we ensure our staff is the best in the Urgent Care industry to provide you medical support like no one else. Hence, we carefully screen our staff before hiring them and ensure they follow strict protocols to provide medical aid to patients.

So What Is Next?

If you have a coughing attack or have your finger jammed in the door, or cannot see a general medicine doctor due to substantial wait times; visit Everest Urgent Care or Everest Primary Care. You will be surprised how easy and quick it is to receive medical attention at an urgent care station. To learn more about our services, call us at 832-286-1108 or 832-286-4286, respectively.