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Why does my head hurts when I cough?

Do you notice pain in your head when you cough hard or laugh, sing or sneeze out loudly? Or in positions when you bent over or strained yourself? If such a condition is persistent, talk to the medical practitioners and diagnose the actual underlying problem. When you feel that my head hurts when I cough, it might go away once you relax. However, in other circumstances, it may represent something serious. So, read along to know the causes and a few treatments of this problem.

What causes your head to hurt when you cough?

Typically, when we cough, it causes two types of headaches; primary and secondary. A sudden pressure in the abdomen and chest triggers both these types of headaches. The pressure is caused by many routine activities like sneezing, laughing, and bending over. The greater force you exert, the more your head hurts.

Primary headache

This headache arises suddenly; however, it is not much serious. Usually, older men get it who have crossed their thirties. A primary headache is felt on both sides of your head mostly; however, those related to cough are not one-sided. A few common signs are that initial pain lasts for several seconds to minutes. Moreover, it’s a sharp stabbing pain in the beginning that slows down to a dull ache lasting for a few hours.

Secondary headache

These are much similar to primary headaches but have few additional symptoms. The difference is that while having a secondary headache will last much longer. You might feel misbalance and unstable and have dizziness and fainting. This is a severe type and is a result of underlying health conditions. Life-threatening diseases such as brain tumors or brain aneurysms can cause a secondary headache. Brain aneurysms are where the brain’s blood vessels weaken or changes in the pressure in cerebrospinal fluid cause secondary headache. There are other causes, too; if you feel any dire condition, visit the urgent care immediately.

When to visit us

If you feel that the headache is not going, but worsening, don’t take the risk. Moreover, if you have any of these symptoms, visit Everest Medical Group immediately to get the proper treatment.

  • Your headache is increasing when you cough, and it’s becoming terrible. Headache takes many hours to cure
  • Feel that you have a secondary headache, so there might be some underlying medical condition
  • Have blur or double vision
  • The frequency of headache and cough is rising with time.

When you visit the urgent care and our team suspects that something is wrong, they will properly diagnose your condition.


To treat a primary headache is not much complicated, and you will be prescribed a few pain killers and medicines. However, for secondary headaches, the treatment depends on your health conditions. You will probably need surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or other types of treatments. Your medical practitioner will tell you what is best for you. Moreover, you can treat seasonal cough using home remedies too.

For more about why does your head hurt when you cough, contact the Everest Medical team. Call us at 281-747-9700 to schedule your appointment.