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Are you having a cough that won’t go away?

Do you have sleepless nights due to the persistent cough that wakes you up? The condition is a result of some illness that is irritating the lungs. Therefore, coughing clears the mucous, making a pathway for breathing more comfortable. Usually, it clears out in a week or so, but what about the cough that won’t go away? It can be a sign of some serious problem or something chronic. Chronic lung disease or asthma can prolong the duration of coughing; however, conditions may vary. It is a possibility that coughing is the last step towards recovery.

Causes of cough that won’t go away

  • If the cough extends more than the typical duration, few causes are chronic allergies, certain medicines, smoking, genetic factors, and asthma or lung diseases.
  • One of the most common reasons is chronic allergies that occur due to irritation in the throat. The acid reflux causes this discomfort in the throat, and coughing clears the throat for breathing.
  • Few medicines are responsible for such a cough. The category can include drugs given for blood pressure, so it is better to discuss health care. The change in prescription might solve the issue.
  • Frequent smokers often cough a lot. Smoking affects their lungs, and with time, the problem arises. The only way is to quit smoking or reduce the times you smoke. You can take professional help to curb this habit.
  • Next are your genes; few people complain of regular coughing regularly. They get sick quickly; such people have to take extra care.
  • Another reason can be asthma or lung disease, which affects the body. Treatments are available; talk to the practitioner about which suits you the best.

When to talk to the practitioner

The situation varies in adults and children; in adults, if coughing extends beyond a month, talk to the practitioner. The condition may be a warning to some illness. Moreover, other serious problems that need medical help are; getting bloody mucus while coughing, having shortness of breath, losing weight persistently, or dripping mucus from the mouth due to its excessive production. Having a fever with a cough is also a worrying sign, and it is better to control the situation before it worsens.

Children are more prone to diseases and hence need more care. In them, if the coughing lasts for a week or so, take them to pediatric care. Don’t delay your appointments with children as, over time, the infection will spread and cause much harm. It might affect their lungs and cause further complications. It is alarming when coughing at night wakes them up from sleep or leaves them breathless. In such a situation, children also complain of nausea and dizziness. There are many other symptoms related.

So if you or your child is having a cough that won’t go away, talk to the medical practitioner. Delaying over time can be harmful to your health. For further guidance, visit Everest Primary and Urgent Care. Call us today at 832-286-4286 to schedule your appointment.