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Receive a Wellness Physical Exam at Everest Primary Care in Houston, TX 77067

Everest Primary Care offers more than just treatment for common illnesses and injuries. Our team of physicians also provide comprehensive wellness physicals to ensure our patients feel their best every day. If you want an expert opinion on your overall health or if it has been more than a year since you last went for a physical exam, visit us today! Our well-equipped location in Houston, Texas, has extended hours every day and does not require appointments, although you can check-in online beforehand.

What Does a Wellness Physical Exam Involve?

Everest Primary Care takes a personalized approach to wellness that factors in each patient’s overall health, age, and activity levels. In general, a wellness physical exam may include:
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  • A review of several health characteristics, including heart and lung function, vision and hearing abilities, blood pressure, pulse, and reflexes
  • An assessment of personal or family medical history, including any current conditions and medications you are taking
  • An exam to check for visible signs of potential health issues
As a patient, you will also be able to ask questions and discuss any medical concerns you may have. If your physical exam indicates the need for digital X-ray imaging or clinical lab testing, we can quickly perform these services onsite.

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For affordable wellness services close to your home or business in Houston, visit Everest Primary Care. We accept most major health insurance plans and offer a membership plan to self-pay patients and individuals with high deductibles.

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