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How Much Longer Do You Have To Continue Wearing Face Masks?

With an end to the Covid-19 pandemic nowhere in sight; most people wonder how much longer they need to keep their facemasks on. The face mask protects your nose and mouth from germs, and that you breathe into the environment.

We would not have to wear the face mask if the entire human population got vaccinated. And we know that this is going to take time, but in the meantime, you should get vaccinated as soon as possible.

The second situation where we would no longer be required to use face masks is to get herd immunity. Sadly that would require that we all contract the Covid-19 infection, which would take at least over two years to achieve.

The final situation where we would no longer be required to use face masks is for the entire human population to get immune to the virus. Recent research has proven that a person can be infected with the Covid-19 virus more than once. Hence, it is believed that it would take at least five years for every person to get immune to the virus.

Since all three of the above situations will take at least two to five years to take place, we can assume that you will have to keep your face mask on for the foreseeable future.

Keep your face mask on every time you visit a public place and maintain social distancing every time you go out. Your face mask protects you and your loved one.

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