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Here Is How You Can Stay Healthy No Matter How Bad The Weather Gets

With global warming on the rise, we see how hot it gets on a particular day, no matter how cold and freezing it was on the previous day. And these sudden changes to the weather can have a drastic effect on your health.

As the weather changes, it changes how your body reacts to bacteria and viruses by attacking your immune system. When there is a drastic temperature change; there an influx of patients visiting us at Everest Urgent Care or Everest Primary Care and complaining about flu, allergy, and migraine.

Here are some easy tips that will help you get through the upcoming seasonal changes:

Maintain High Hydration Levels: You must drink atleast eight to ten glasses of water every day. The water in your body will keep it safe from bacterias and diseases by flushing out the toxins from the body.

Maintain A Good Diet: Your body needs the energy to function, and it will perform best when you provide it with the best fuel! Hence you should eat foods that strengthen your immune system. Some of the most common minerals you should consume are vitamin C and vitamin D. Fruits that are blue, orange, and yellow are a good source of such vitamins.

Stay Clean: Your body will be at its best when you keep it away from germs and bacteria. Hence you should make sure you keep yourself clean at all times by following some strict hygiene practices, i.e., cover your mouth while coughing or sneezing. Wash your hands often. Wear clean clothes and change them regularly.

Ensure Proper Rest: Make sure you have a proper sleep every night. Our body needs about seven to eight hours of sleep to give it the strength to go on all day. If you can take small naps, don’t miss it. Sometimes these naps can be beneficial to go the extra mile.

Make sure you are following these steps, and if you are looking to learn more about how you keep yourself healthy during weather changes; you can reach out to Everest Urgent Care or Everest Primary Care for assistance. Our doctors will answer all your queries. Call us now at 832-286-1108 or 832-286-4286, respectively.