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What Are Some Most Common Injuries Caused By Basketball

Basketball is one of those games that strengthen the mind and body of people of all ages. Due to the physical demands of the game, all the muscles of your body will work together. But of course, at such an exertive activity, there will be risks. Here are some common injuries that are common in basketball games.

Osteochondral Lesions

Osteochondral lesion happens when the bone and the upper cartilage of the talus is injured. It could be a fracture or a cyst causing you pain or swelling. This commonly happens due to a sprain. In basketball, this is the most common injury players complain of. Although recovery is possible with rest, and you will have to undergo surgery to cure the problem in most cases completely. Due to this injury, you will have to take a break for a couple of months or it may end your basketball career.

Patellar Tendonitis

Patellar tendonitis happens when the patellar tendon connected from your kneecap to your shinbone and helps your jumping and kicking is injured—this occurs when you continuously jump during the game leading to tiny tears on your tendon. If there is further damage, it can create difficulty for you to do your daily activities. Surgery is unnecessary as usually, the doctor will prescribe exercise and anti-inflammatory medication. Recovery is possible when the body is given ample rest.

To begin with, here are the first two injuries for this month. We will be sharing more injuries in our next blog.

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