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Why am I having chest pain during pregnancy?

Pregnancy is not easy for most women; frequent trips to the washroom, food cravings, stomach aches, sleepless nights, and much more. Besides this, all is normal; what if you start experiencing chest pain during pregnancy? Is it ok or some issue to have concerns? However, cases can vary; many pregnant women have it, and it might sound unusual, but it is not always related to your heart. To find out about your condition, it is better to get it checked by the doctor. It is also true that during the nine months, a woman’s body undergoes several changes; hence this might be one.

Chest pain during pregnancy

The developing embryo in the womb makes the place as it grows and pushes up your stomach and lungs. This puts pressure on other parts of the body. Few reasons for chest pain can be:

  • Lying down flat on the bed also causes a problem in breathing. Try to use pillows and see if it improves the breathing and pain
  • A bit of exertion like a brisk walk causes shortness of breath or quickens the heartbeat, leading to chest pain. Calm down and relax for a while
  • Heart palpitation, low blood pressure, stress, or fatigue all can lead to chest pain.

Common conditions during pregnancy causing chest pain

Morning sickness
Your wife might seem to be different and act unlike during her pregnancy; it is entirely normal. This all happens as several changes in hormones and body are taking place. Along with physical, emotional changes also occur. There are days when she feels anxiety and lots of tension, and the next day she is filled with bliss. Usually, mornings start with nausea and vomiting; therefore, pregnant women don’t prefer to have breakfast until the condition normalizes. If morning sickness is severe, it causes stomach and chest pain as constant vomiting bothers the throat.

Asthma or lung infections
Asthmatic patients often suffer chest pain during pregnancy, and it might get worse. Other problems are chest tightness and shortness of breath. Lung infection causes other allergies or pneumonia; on becoming severe, it causes pain in the chest. Hence, if you are asthmatic or easily catch allergies, take care during the nine months so that it doesn’t trigger more often.

Acid reflux causes heartburn
Again a common problem during pregnancy, it feels like your heart is burning as the acid from the stomach moves up. The pain appears in the middle of your chest and moves upwards; however, luckily, it has nothing to do with your heart. It is due to the hormonal changes in the body as your baby is growing in the womb. The acid reflux increases in the second and third trimesters; such a situation is rare in the first trimester.

Pregnant women often feel the food they eat doesn’t digest properly, which causes bloating and foul odors. Gassiness is common and can cause chest pain; this occurs due to indigestion. The baby pushes up the stomach, which makes digestion difficult.

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