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Why does my head hurt when I cough?

Coughing is general, and we often find people coughing due to throat problems or cold weather. The problem arises when it persists for a long time. People also complain that my head hurts when I cough, so is it an alarming situation. Usually, there are two types of headache, primary and secondary, due to cough. This article will discuss these two types of headaches due to cough; its symptoms, and treatments.

My head hurts when I cough

Usually, cough and headache come together in older people who cross 40 years. It can be either a primary or secondary headache. It lasts for about 30 minutes; in severe cases can prolong to few hours. Common symptoms of this type of headache are:

  • Sharp pain on both sides of your head
  • It starts after you cough and slowly increases with every cough. At times it results in extreme head pain, which becomes difficult to bear
  • You might feel dizzy or faint in some cases
  • There is no fixed time duration; it varies from few minutes to hours at times.
  • The pain shifts from one point to another.

Is it a primary or secondary cough headache?

To differentiate between both types of headache, a primary one stays for some time while the secondary headache lasts longer. The secondary one is alarming and is a result of an underlying body problem. Primary head pain affects one side or the whole area and is due to the pressure exerted by coughing in the abdomen. Besides, it is similar to the pain resulting from laughing out loud, intense exercise, or sneezing profusely.

Secondary head pain is severe and stays longer. It can be a result of a brain disorder, tumor, or any abnormality in the skull. It triggers after coughing and increases rapidly. You have to rest and lay down in most of the cases till the pain ceases. If you have such symptoms, you must immediately visit your healthcare practitioner and start treatment for the root cause of cough headache.

Treatment for cough headache

The first step to manage this headache is trying to control the cough. If it is due to changing weather, sinuses, or some allergies, get the cure. Besides medicines, try out natural remedies; this includes drinking lots of water, resting, having warm liquids like ginger tea, and washing hands frequently. However, if the condition worsens, visit urgent care to get medical help. For primary cough headaches, the treatment is simple, and few medicines will handle the pain.

When it comes to secondary headaches, the initial cause is diagnosed first, and then the treatment starts. It might require X-rays and an MRI scan. Moreover, you have to undergo surgery as per your diagnosis. In case of tumor or other brain diseases, the health practitioner will advise the appropriate treatment. For more information on why my head hurts when I cough, visit Everest Medical Group. Call us at 832-286-4286 to schedule your appointment.